Working as teacher, mentor, coach, my passion will always be to encourage you to reach your potential and move forwards in your lives.  

Qualifications                                                          Professional Memberships 

  • BA.Hons.Psy/phil                                              

  • MA.Ed

  • Dip.StyleCoaching

  • ICF.Acc.Dip.TransformationalLifeCoaching

  • ICF.Acc.Cert.ExistentialCoaching

  • ActiveIQ Yoga Diploma

  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga Certificate

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 Your Coach, Susan


You don't feel quite connected, you feel lonely maybe wrestling with ideas and not being able to bring them to fruition.

You're feeling distress that in other areas of your life you see success, yet in this, you’re caught up in struggle. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  

You're at the point you're no longer sure about things.

You're feeling you're not thinking so well: it's like mind-fog! 

You feel stuck an you can't see the way out; it's getting you down.    

Are you even feeling your self-belief is coming into question?


.....I hear you.  I know these feelings too.  Would it help to have someone to talk it all out to: someone who can really hear you, actively listen to you, your story, your want, and help you work out how you breakthrough it all and hear your answers clearly?  


Let me.  Let me be that person who will help you delve into what is going on for you.  Let me gently track what you say so you stay focused and not distracted.  Let me help you become more aware of yourself in your world and what actually is possible for you.  I can do this - with the right questions and reflections we can hear and see you clear.  


What a difference would it make to you if by having the dedicated space to talk this stuff out, you get to move yourself beyond what's troubling you right now?